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Upcoming Events in Big Bear Shared by GetAways Resort Management

Big Bear Lake, California (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

For many travelers, the winter months mean heading for snow covered hills, and one of the best places in the world to enjoy winter wonderlands is Big Bear, California. GetAways Resort Management encourages travelers to head to the Snow Lake Lodge to find out just what Big Bear has to offer them, and to enjoy the great outdoors in this nature lovers paradise. When travelers do visit, they should be sure to check out some of the fun upcoming events in the area to find the perfect entertainment to fit their interests.


Tony Stromberg, Author and Artist of Spirit Horses and the Forgotten Horses, has just released his new book titled Horse Medicine.

Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) December 05, 2014

Tony Stromberg, Author and Artist of Spirit Horses and the Forgotten Horses, has just released his new book titled Horse Medicine, featuring his distinctive equine photography along with some thoughtful narratives. This extraordinary tabletop edition is a collection of images that highlight and honor the nurturing and enduring relationship between man and horse.

As Stromberg states – Horses and Humans can bring out the best and the most powerful in one another. Tony Stromberg will be present at KKAA and KJFA Gallery for lectures, book signings and an exhibition of his photographic works of art from December 19th through 21st, 2014.

After more than a decade as one of San Francisco’s top commercial photographers, Tony Stromberg followed his inspiration and moved to New Mexico to pursue his true passion in fine art photography – his favorite subject – the horse. Tony Strombergs new book Horse Medicine, addresses the concept of seeing horses as mirrors, archetypal influencers, teachers and healers to humanity. It also delves into intimacy, connection and belonging, and praises the horse as a spiritual messenger.

After my first two photography books were published, I received innumerable emails from people praising my photos for how they capture the pure spirit, the essence of the horse. What really amazed me was that many of the people who wrote me were not horse people at all. In fact, many had never been around a horse in their entire lives. Why did these people still revere, respect and honor horses and what did they represent?

Tony Stromberg answers this question: Perhaps its because the horse has been an intimate part of human evolution for a millennium.

At least as far back as the third century B.C. the horse has been associated with strength, energy, intelligence, communication, and popularity. Horses have always provided great inspiration for writers and artists as they are drawn to their beauty, power, nobility and free spirit. Possessing a highly refined instinct and intelligence, the horse symbolizes a certain sense of knowing and deep mystery. It is truly a majestic being. No other animal has contributed more to civilization than the horse. Tony Strombergs new book is a dignified account – both literally and photographically.

The forward of Horse Medicine reveals the essence of Strombergs book: History and literature have often told of equines who helped fulfill dreams for individuals and entire cultures. Horses were our civilizations first animal medicine to which humanity owes an enormous debt. As we sat astride the horse, they helped us settle foreign lands, fought with us in battles, delivered us long distances, herded cattle, tilled the earth, and provided us with a greater view of our landscape, both external and internal.

Tony Stromberg travels throughout the western United States and Europe in search of the elusive and mysterious spirit of the horse, attempting to capture the freedom and power of his subjects on film. He photographs wild horses in their natural habitats, as well as numerous wildlife sanctuaries, equine rescue organizations, private ranches, and breeders. He conducts workshops on horse photography, and his photographs appear in select galleries throughout the world.

Tony Strombergs remarkable photographs express the beauty, grace, spirit, and devotion that all horses embody. Robert Redford

Private Reception: Friday: December 19th, 2014 Invitation Only and RSVP Required.

Open House: Saturday: December 20th, 2014 11 to 4 pm. Tony will speak at 11:30 and 2:30 and will be available to sell and sign books from 11 to 4pm.

310 Catron Street, Santa Fe NM 87501

Two blocks from the Georgia Okeeffe Museum.

# # #

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meet Steve Vaughn, photographer from Winter Park, Fl

minute to spin it with Jack Boyle at the Lakeland Mayfaire art festival San Antonio Pottery You Tube channel and Facebook www.artistfinde…
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Lisa and Dusty married in Winter Park Colorado on June 14, 2014, exactly 7 years to the day from their first date. They had a beautiful wedding at the top of mountain….
Video Rating: 3 / 5

15 Wildlife-Viewing Trips Make National Wildlife Federation’s “Best” List for 2011

Washington, DC (Vocus) August 11, 2010

The annual list of the best wildlife-viewing tours to North, Central, and South America has just been released by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). With a focus on protecting and preserving North American wildlife, NWF is uniquely positioned to help the eco-traveler make sense of a crowded and often confusing marketplace. Type wildlife tour into an Internet search engine and the results can be in the millions. After reviewing itineraries to nearly every major wildlife-viewing spot in the Americas, NWF has selected the 15 best wildlife viewing tours of 2011. The 15 selected tours can be found at

The 15 selected tours range from a volunteer trip with scientists to study bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Belize, to exploring the wildlife and wild places of Hawaii. There is a cruise through the Amazonian rainforest over Christmas and an exploration of Everglades in southern Florida. Selected programs also feature some lesser-known gems like the biologically diverse Big Bend National Park in Texas, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

NWF considered a variety of factors in selecting these trips. The conservation group only selected trips operated by tour companies that believe in the highest standards of responsible tourism. They also selected the most experienced tour operators that use some of the worlds best nature guides. Also a key factor was price, and tours were evaluated with an eye towards terrific values. Many trips are priced below $ 2,000 per person.

Once the trips are hand-picked, NWF works with the tour companies to designate a specific date just for NWF members and friends. NWF is hoping to attract a great group of people to each tour. NWF members are curious and adventurous, and treasure the natural world. A group of like-minded travelers with a belief in protecting wildlife for our childrens future promises to be central feature of every trip. Another important feature is that every traveler can participate in one of these tours and remain carbon-neutral. NWF is offsetting the carbon footprint of all 2011Expeditions travelers, without raising the cost of the trip.

The 15 selected tours are: Christmas on the Amazon; The Whooping Cranes of Aransas, TX; Kingdom of the Monarch Butterflies; Best of the Everglades; Behind-the-Scenes in San Diego; Wild Hawaii; Big BendThe Unexpected Texas; Bottlenose Dolphin Research in Belize; Cape Cod Wildlife and Walking; Where the Buffalo Roam (Black Hills, SD); Photographing Yellowstone; Wolves, Bears, Geysers (Yellowstone); Wild Alaska; Galapagos; and Wild Caribbean. For complete details about NWFs Expeditions, call 800-606-9563, e-mail or visit

Note to Editor: Destination photos available on request.

Press Contact: Daniel Gifford, Manager, NWF Expeditions Travel Program, 703-438-6113, dgifford(at)nwf(dot)org.


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artnet Releases Preliminary Annual Results for 2014

New York / Berlin (PRWEB) March 18, 2015

artnet AG expects slightly improved revenues compared to the last forecast for the 2014 fiscal year, following a strong fourth quarter. However, the groups consolidated annual result is expected to amount to -3.1 million EUR due to extraordinary effects. Capitalized development expenses of intangible assets for the product artnet Analytics in the amount of 0.5 million EUR (0.7 million USD) and deferred tax assets in the amount of 0.8 million EUR (1.0 million USD) were written off. In addition, a loss of 0.2 million EUR (0.3 million USD) resulted from a currency exchange valuation of an intragroup liability from artnet AG to Artnet Worldwide Corporation. These extraordinary effects have not resulted in a cash outflow.

In addition, the Court of Appeal Paris (case RG n

Wildlife Starting Come Out of Their Winter Hibernations

Wildlife Starting Come Out of Their Winter Hibernations
(WGGB) –Temperatures are warming up and wildlife animals are starting to make their way out of the woods. This morning, a resident of Agawam spotted a bobcat. They say the animal was well over 50 pounds and the cat was very aggressive. ABC40's …
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Hikers learn about winter wildlife during Science Sundays series
Peter Picone, a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection wildlife biologist and QRWA member, guided the group through the woods while speaking about animal tracks, wildlife rehabilitation efforts in the park, invasive plants species and where …
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Harsh habitat: Winter takes toll on wildlife
GRAFTON — While this winter's been one of the worst in recent memory for humans, imagine trying to survive it with your food supply frozen over, your habitat buried in snow and the outerwear that usually keeps you warm badly damaged and now nearly …
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'The Trees' – Growing up in Normandy Park in the 1950s and 1960s

'The Trees' – Growing up in Normandy Park in the 1950s and 1960s
Mom and dad found a wooded lot for sale in the heart of Normandy Park and the excitement of going there each day while the house was being built was overwhelming. My brothers and I would run … In the winter, we built a bonfire and ice skated on the …
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Visual art events
•Wildlife Photographer Kim Patmore to Show at CROW The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. (CROW) will host an open reception featuring the work of wildlife photographer Kim Patmore. All proceeds from the sale of Ms. Patmore's photographs …
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IngZ Mobile Apps Bring Personal Guided Tours to the Smartphone

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 29, 2010

IngZ, Inc.(, an Austin-based mobile software development company, today announced the availability of two new mobile apps Tour Guide ToolTM (TGTTM) and touringZTM which allow area experts to create custom GPS-guided audio tours that can be enjoyed by anyone with a smartphone. Currently available on the iPhone App Store, these applications connect guides and travelers through multimedia, GPS-based experiences.

While numerous travel planning smartphone apps exist today, a vast majority focus on checklists of things to do in various locations. With TGT and touringZ, for the first time travelers have access to personalized experiences through interesting tours that include text, photos and audio descriptions directly from their tour guide. The TGT app creates a full multimedia experience for the touringZ user while they walk, bike, boat or drive through each tour, guided by GPS and the guides expert voice.

We created ingZ to let experts and enthusiasts easily put their knowledge onto smartphones to share with others, and were proud to announce the availability of TGT and touringZ, said Tony Howlett, founder and president of ingZ, Inc. As an avid traveler myself who likes to get off the beaten path, I always felt like the existing smartphone tools were lacking the personal touch and expert guidance I crave. TGT gives experts the tool they need to record their journeys and touringZ allows travelers to tap into the kind of local flavor that makes trips memorable.

TGT is a simple tool that allows people to share their travel experiences in a way that allows others to follow literally in their footsteps. This easy-to-use app captures locations of the guide’s choosing and lets them record audio, take photos and input text to accompany them. The app then packages the locations into a “tour” and allows the guide to share it. People can use TGT for everything from documenting a run, journaling a trip or just taking notes while they walk around to better remember details later.

Kristy Owen, founder of the 365 Things to do in Austin website, is using TGT to create tours based on locations featured on her site. The TGT app is allowing me to provide fun tours for my followers that complement my website by adding a mobile element, said Owen. TouringZ brings users an experience thats like a good friend showing them around town. The TGT iPhone interface makes creating tours extremely simple, and the web editor allows me to easily edit and update tours from my computer. I cant wait to create a whole list of tours that highlight things I love about Austin.

TouringZ are focused, guided experiences created for travelers by local experts and enthusiasts. Using touringZ is like having a personal guide in the iPhone. Whether people are new to town, tourists, or looking for something new in their hometown, touringZ offers a variety of adventures for anyone. TouringZ puts together audio (so people can listen with an earbud or iPhone), photos (things to look for as well as photos which let users know theyre in the right place), and other information presented at each stop while the location-aware application updates users as they move from spot to spot.

Current tours available on touringZ include:

Las Vegas low roller tour, around the world in a day tour, historical tour

National Parks Death Valley tour, Yellowstone National Park south loop tour

Historical tours DC Mall tour, Austin Capitol tour, Texas Independence tour

Hikes Rocky Mountain National Park hike, Garden of the Gods hike, Amicolala Falls hike

Get-to-know-the-city tours Austin: Lamar Blvd from north to south, best parks and pools of The Woodlands, Main Street walk in Fredericksburg

Wineries Guadalupe Valley wineries, Austin-Fredericksburg wineries

Boating tours Lake Travis by canoe

Europe Glendalough tour in Ireland, tour of Florence, Italy


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Barbara has been a photographer since she was in grammer school. Over the years she has used 35 mm Nikon cameras, 4x5 and 11x14 studio cameras, Hasselblads, and now Nikon digital cameras. She loves them all.

At one time Barbara was a portrait photographer with a studio in Princeton, NJ and Hopewell, NJ. Her focus is now on birds and animals. Of course, she still does the occasional portrait.

Over the years Barbara has studied with many well known photographers, including Philippe Halsman and Lisette Model.

All of Barbara's photographs are available for purchase as prints or downloads.