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Landscape and wildlife photography exhibit opened Monday

Landscape and wildlife photography exhibit opened Monday
The exhibit features 21 landscape and wildlife images taken at national parks around the U.S. and Canada. Harvey's use of rich color and subtle light give her images a stillness that allows the photograph to reveal itself slowly as it tells the story …
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Interview with wildlife photographer Reuben Brewer
It was while reading this article that one of our readers, Rosalind Brewer, contacted us to tell us about her son's stunning wildlife photography. Reuben, 24, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 14. He took an e-learning photography course shortly …
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Landscape and wildlife photography exhibit opens

Landscape and wildlife photography exhibit opens
RAPID CITY, S.D. — An exhibit of landscape and wildlife photographs opened recently at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. The "Majestic Moments" exhibit at the Apex Gallery on campus will showcase the landscape and wildlife photography …
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Yellow Leaf fest features wildlife photo contest, show
Arts For All, a nonprofit that promotes and supports the arts and artists in West Feliciana Parish, invites all photographers to enter the contest with up to three photographs of native wildlife taken in East Feliciana, West Feliciana or Pointe Coupee …
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Wildlife photography in South Georgia
In the early 1990s, a publisher lost 350 of my best pictures. That loss of so many transparencies was a heavy blow. However, it would transform my career. The resulting financial compensation gave me the opportunity to join an expedition to Antarctica, …
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Wildlife photography: share your most striking images

Wildlife photography: share your most striking images
It takes real skill, patience and creativity to photograph the secret world of animals, and we would love to see your best shots. Our favourite images will appear in the October issue of Guardian Do Something. You can share your wildlife photos by …
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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015 exhibtion at the Beaney Museum
The animal kingdom may be wild, but it's also bewitching when captured at that perfect moment and frozen in time. More than 100 atmospheric and captivating images, all winners in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, are now on display at the Beaney …
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Latest Wildlife Photography News

Wildlife photographer captures rare black fox in amazing images
A wildlife photographer has captured these amazing images of an extremely rare black fox playing in his back garden. Robert Fuller was shocked when he heard the rare animal had been spotted by another nature enthusiast outside his flat in Halifax, West …
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Wildlife photography: Getting the best shots of seals
In Britain, our two breeding species – the harbour or common seal and the grey seal – are popular subjects with photographers. In summer, harbour seals come to shore to pup, usually from June. The adults then remain on the beach to moult, with good …
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Local AM's wildlife photos in the frame
The Mid and West Wales AM has taken photographs across her region, and has also captured images of wildlife on breaks between her international work with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly.
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Latest Winter Photography News

Cine-Files: 4 ways to enjoy Central Florida's film scene this fall
Head to Leu Gardens, the lawn at the Enzian or Central Park in Winter Park, all of which host outdoor movie nights this fall. Keep checking our online … Film Festival, and again on Nov. 4 at the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona State College.
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Photo opportunities announced
high-resolution photos for fall activities in the Van Wert area for use on our new website ( Ideas might be scenes from the fair, the. apple festival, or fall landscape scenes. I need fall photos ASAP. Looking ahead I will need …
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Colorado Ballet Featured with 'on Pointe' Style by ML Furs
ML Furs, a leading national furrier, is pleased to feature the classically trained dancers of the Colorado Ballet in their Fall/Winter 2015-16 season look book, entitled "Fur en Pointe—A Night at the Ballet." Marks-Lloyds Furs, more commonly known …
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Barbara has been a photographer since she was in grammer school. Over the years she has used 35 mm Nikon cameras, 4x5 and 11x14 studio cameras, Hasselblads, and now Nikon digital cameras. She loves them all.

At one time Barbara was a portrait photographer with a studio in Princeton, NJ and Hopewell, NJ. Her focus is now on birds and animals. Of course, she still does the occasional portrait.

Over the years Barbara has studied with many well known photographers, including Philippe Halsman and Lisette Model.

All of Barbara's photographs are available for purchase as prints or downloads.